Want to Relocate your House or office? Get professional Help

Lucky movers and packers are one of the best moving companies in Dubai as they are providing their best service with their trained and highly skilled. We understand that it is difficult to relocate as it covers lots of work and is very hectic. 

For making you free from all the stress we are providing the relocating service by the cheapest moving company in Dubai to keep it affordable for you. It is always to make the proper preparation while relocating whether the relocation is done in a domestic area or abroad.

For relocation it is important to do the proper planning such as how packing will be done? How will it be loaded? What transport will be required? etcThere are many more things that are important and need to be considered. We are the cheap moving companies in Dubai that will help you in the relocation from one place to another in a very cost-effective manner. 

It is difficult to find the best moving services in Dubai that have professional experts that help you in proper shifting of your stuff by taking all the due care and precaution.

While doing the international relocation it is important for you to consider some of the items that are not permitted across the border are as follows:

  • Trophies of animals including the stuffed bodies and mounted heads.
  • Any form of ammunition such as gunpowder bullets and so forth.
  • Any kind of weapon that doesnt have a license. These weapons include guns knives etc.

One of the Best Moving Companies in Dubai

Lucky movers and packers are one of the best moving companies in Dubai that provide fast and reliable moving with the proper assurance to their customers. We have professional experts that are well trained and highly skilled in the work that needs to be done by them. We also provide professional packing equipment that will help in the faster packing of your stuff with more secured packaging that prevents any kind of damage that May happen during the loading and unloading of the stuff.

We as the best moving company in Dubai work hard to keep our customers satisfied by giving them the best moving service. We also provide the facility of storage to keep all the stuff as it is not possible that all the stuff can be transported in one time or there is some stuff that you want to shift later. Because we have the best storage facility to provide your stuff from every kind of weather.


There are some of the barriers that are kept by the government of Dubai on the items that are not allowed in the country or abroad that the company will take care of so that you cannot face any kind of problem during the shifting in another city.

There is a strict barrier kept by the Middle East on the entry for foreign items with some of the specific bans that are kept by the Middle East on different things. Such as a ban on traditional alcohol ban on gambling games while moving to Saudi Arabia as a hobby as gambling is not allowed in the entire kingdom. Also one of the strictest bans is on the anti-Islamic literature or material in Afghanistan as the country is entirely devoted towards the Islamic culture.

While relocating abroad there are so many charges and customs duties that are charged during transportation. Also there are many countries that used to charge unusual cargo across their borders so you need to be aware of the circumstances that can arise so that you can handle those things properly. In case you are sending something across the border that is banned by that company or there is something in which custom duty needs t to be applied than to need to take care about because if they find out any unusual activity to be done they May charge more some other fines can also be imposed by the country.

Services Provided

There is a wide range of services that are provided by the cheap moving companies in Dubai that are by Lucky movers and packers. The services that are given by us are such as city and home orientation searches of the school as well the door to door moving services worldwide the company also provide the cover packing of the personal effects storage/warehousing facility etc. Lucky movers and packers is providing the full-time service and helps in handling the domestic and international distribution.

The best moving company in Dubai is providing its best-moving services with highly skilled and trained professionals that will make your moving easier and faster and you will be stress by our best services as our professional know-how to handle all the things that are required during the moving and will do that with all the perfection so that you cannot face any kind of problem during the shifting or after the shifting.

Lucky movers and packers are also the international movers in Dubai that hold the ISO accreditations of the quality management system health and safety management system environmental management system. As an international mover in Dubai we are an insured and licensed company in Dubai that is providing international moving and relocation services to our all types of valuable customers such as commercial residential and corporate.

We care about you. That is why we provide the fleet and modern trucks that are more spacious and take your stuff with more safety and care and also prevent your stuff from various kinds of weather as they are fully covered. We offer all kinds of professional services for our valuable customers.

Local Movers as well as International Movers

Lucky movers and packers are providing domestic as well international service to their customers. It is easy to move to a city that is familiar to you but it is difficult to shift to a city that is not familiar to you. We understand that that is why we are here that are cheap moving companies in Dubai that is why we are here to help you with this thing. 

Lucky movers and packers will help you in getting familiarized with the new location by providing an in-depth look at the immigration relocation problems that May arise during the transportation of the banned products or the product with the customs duty. We provide the profile of the moving country every month to keep you updated with the rules and regulations of that country.

Get the cheapest moving services in Dubai

You must think why moving or getting relocated to another country or even in another is costlier? Why cant we just make it cheap? Here you go with the cheap moving service in Dubai by Lucky movers and packers. We understand your problem. That is why we are providing a wide range of services for our customers to meet their requirements by our professional experts that will help in the east and fast shifting or relocating.

We also have a customized facility for making us more flexible that can help you in reducing your time as well as cost. In our customized facility you need to opt for the services that you want to take such as packing loading unloading etc. you can get whatever you want and our experts will be available at your doorsteps to provide you with the best moving service.

For keeping our customers more assured regarding our service by providing the insurance of all the stuff that will be taken by our professionals for shiting. This insurance is made for future assurance and to prevent our customers from losing. If there is any accidental damage to your stuff then our company will help you in recovering that amount of loss. In the process of recovering from the loss our professionals will help you in recovering the insurance amount with the fast service in a few days.

Shipping Service in Dubai

Lucky movers and packers are the best moving company in Dubai that provides the service of shipping the logistics to their customers at their door sts with full safety and precautions for preventing any kind of damage. We have all the resources and experienced staff that will professionally handle the logistics. We assure customers with the best conveys we have to take the logistics and proper warehousing facility to keep your logistics safe and secured and prevent them from every kind of weather that May affect your stuff such as rain sun etc. With all these wide ranges of services that are provided by the company we provide the assurance of high-quality services as we focus on customer satisfaction and the protection of their valuable stuff that is more important for us. 

We desire to become one of the premier global freight providers in Dubai and outside Dubai as our services are provided at the international level as well.  

Why choose us?

One of the most common questions that every customer faces before taking the services is whether this company is reliable for taking the services or not. For giving the answer to all your questions we are here. We will clear all your doubts and give you the best possible reasons that how we are best for you.

  • We provide you with professional experts that are specifically trained for handling your stuff from the starting of relocation service such as packing of the stuff disassembling of the furniture electronic appliances etc.
  •  For packing this stuff which is very delicate to handle by using our professional packing equipment that will protect the stuff from any kind of damage. Also our professionals will pack the most delicate stuff firstly in the bubble wrap then kept in boxes that are eco-friendly for more protection and safety.
  • After packing all the stuff it is time for loading all the stuff in the truck with all the due care to protect it from any kind of damage that May happen because of mishandling of the stuff. Our experts will carefully handle the stuff and load it into the truck for further transportation.
  • The transportation vehicle chosen by our experts will be very wise. The truck that will be used for transporting the stuff will be done in the wholly closed truck to prevent the stuff from the climate change that May affect the stuff loaded in the truck.
  • After transportation when the truck will reach its destination our expert will unload all the stuff with all due care to prevent the stuff from any kind of damage.
  • After unloading all the stuff its time to unpack them as well carefully and set them into the new house or in the new office. Our expert will unpack all the care and assemble all the furniture and electronic appliances then keep them in the places where they are required.
  • In the end your house or office is ready to move on. Now you can easily go and shift at your place without any stress of settling down into the new place.

Get in touch with us 

Get in touch with us for getting the service from the best moving company in Dubai that is Lucky movers and packers that provides high-quality service to their customers. 

The WhatsApp number provided by the company is 0559510495. You can send your queries on this number and our customer care executive will get in touch with you for clearing all your doubts and will also help you in getting proper consultation regarding the services offers and deals that will be perfect according to your requirement.

You can also visit our website that is www.lucky movers packers.com. Here you need to fill a form with your personal details and email id using which our customer care executive will get in touch with you and help you in the best ever service that will make your moving easier and time-saving. It will also be cost-effective as lucky movers and packers are the cheap moving companies in Dubai that are here for giving you the best ever experience of locating whether it is domestic or international at the most affordable prices.

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