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Why Lucky Movers & Packers

Core Values

Following are the few reason a Customer prefers to choose a company and Lucky Movers Team is familiar with it and following them.

I’ll remove it first. Some people choose price for the main reason. A company that acquires customers at a lower price will lose those customers if someone else has a lower price. Loyalty to the company is due to the price not the company.


Who doesn’t want an easy frictionless experience? If the experience is right people are often willing to pay a higher price.

You like the way they treat you. The staffs are friendly knowledgeable and responsive. They are there to take care of you. And in turn you take care of them and handle them.

This is the type of organization you want to build a relationship with. Values are consistent with their values.

You believe what they believe. At some level this is related to culture and values but closer to return and community involvement. It could be a charity or other matter of interest. Everything from saving elephants to treating world hunger.

You trust them. They say what they say every time. If you don’t trust your organization you won’t do business with them anyway.

I heard good news. It could be the opinion of a friend or colleague. Or there May be many reviews that can confirm that this is a good company. Fame is a big part of the decision.

This is related to trust and reputation. In addition to lying if something undermines confidence faster than others there is no consistency. We want our customers to describe their experiences using the word “always.” “They are always friendly knowledgeable and helpful…” The idea is understandable.
The business way is related to process policy time location etc. It’s actually about the process. This is a very specific reason. You can also attract customers but many other reasons are why customers chose to come back.

I’ll end where I started with a quote from Simon Sink. All of these reasons (and beyond) can contribute to the decision of why customers choose one company as another. If you discover why a customer exists and can expand to meet the causes and needs of a larger group you will continue to lead to a different level of attracting customers.

  • We care our Customers
  • We Pack Your Stuff Professionally
  • We Bring Your Stuff Carefully
  • We Place Back The stuff Just it was before in the previous location
  • We Serve the people how they want to be.

Specialist Skills

Lucky Movers & Packers has a special Hiring process to select the specialist skilled team. The workers have the weekly and monthly training to fulfill the client’s needs.

The Indicator below shows company strength

1- Safety 100%
2- Moving 100%
3- Quickness 96%
4- Professionalism 96%


More 10 Years Experience

The Company Lucky Movers has been working since 2010 with different name finally it was renewed in 2019 with the name Lucky Movers Dubai. Hence the CEO and other pioneer team workers has more than 15 years of experience.

dedicated staff

Dedicated Staff

The staff is trained skilled young energetic and educated. All of them are facilitated with house food and transportation to make them happy all the time.

proposed bilt facilty

Proposed Built Facility

Structure of Faculty is standardized and according to the requirements of any Moving company.

Award winning

Award Winning

Our brilliant service well trained team new vehicles and all the stuff leads us to get good will.

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